Our Work

The multidimensional approach of AWLI provides women with the support, educational opportunities and resources needed to advance democratic governance as elected or appointed officials, within civil society or as community leaders.  Participants receive ongoing mentorship to achieve their goals from AWLI’s advisory council, professional trainers and the staff of the International Republican Institute throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  Through trainings in its Amman, Jordan headquarters, AWLI sharpens the skillsets of individuals from 16 different countries while simultaneously providing a forum for aspiring leaders to network with and learn from their peers in countries at varying stages of democratic development.  With practical skills-building training, a platform for dialogue and sustained mentorship, AWLI is increasing the number of Arab women leaders in the Middle East and North Africa.

Success Stories

Many of AWLI’s partners are deeply dedicated to the mission of the Institute. Through their continual participation in various AWLI programs, they have been able to effectively utilize the tools and resources provided to them to enact real change in their communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  AWLI is pleased to highlight some of the great work of its partners and the successes they have achieved.  Please read further about those who have made a real difference in their communities.

AWLI Initiatives

AWLI offers a diverse curriculum of training programs both at its headquarters and locally in countries throughout the region.  While core programs offered are through a competitive application process, in-country programs are primarily facilitated directly by AWLI’s program partners.  Please read further about the latest activities.


Our Work