Call for papers to Regional Symposium on “The Roles of Feminist Movements during Regime Change”

Deadline: please enclose an abstract of your paper before June 10, 2014 to Dr. Maryam Ben Salem, CAWTAR, e-mail:

The Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR) and the University of Stockholm are pleased to announce the Regional Symposium on “The Roles of Feminists Movements during Regime Change” to be held November 2014. This symposium is the third symposium organized within the framework of the International Research Collaboration project “New Avenues for Political Influence for Women in the Arab Region”, financed by the Swedish Research Council.

We invite papers on a number of related themes: Feminism as a force of change during regime change; generations within the feminist movement; the relation between feminist and non-feminist women’s mobilization; feminism and the constitutional process; the (lack of) inclusion of women and of gender equality perspectives by the political parties; Islamic and secular feminism in times of change. The symposium will be followed by a PhD-course, November 26-27, on “Comparative studies of women in public life – theoretical and methodological challenges”. The participating PhD-students will present their on-going research projects and will receive feed-back from fellow participants as well as from a number of international scholars.

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