AWLI Welcomes New Members to Advisory Council

Amman, Jordan – The Arab Women’s Leadership Institute announced today the appointment of Dr. Nafisa Hamoud Al-Jaifi, of Yemen, and Rabia Omar, of Libya, to  the AWLI Advisory Council.  The new members, along with the current council, will lead AWLI in its mission to empower women and strengthen their leadership roles in the Arab region.

Tami Longaberger, Chair of the AWLI Advisory Council, welcomed the new members saying, “I am pleased to have Dr. Al-Jaifi and Ms. Omar join us on AWLI’s council.  They expand our representation to women from Arab Spring countries and women with disabilities.  Both will be assets to strengthening AWLI’s outreach and inclusion of all women interested in political activism.”

Nafisa for webstory

Nafisa Hamoud Al-Jaifi

Nafisa Hamoud Al-Jaifi has long been an advocate for the health of women and children in Yemen.  As a practicing pediatrician and professor of pediatric medicine at Sana’a University, she has led efforts to develop new laws and regulations to protect children and improve their health.  Al-Jaifi has also worked on projects to protect children in armed conflict, and those subjected to violence and trafficking.  Al-Jaifi currently is a manager of the Maternal and Newborn Voucher Program and has previously served as the Secretary-General for Yemen’s Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and is a board member of the National Safe Motherhood Alliance and Vice Chairperson of the Yemeni Pediatric Society 

Rabia Omar

Rabia Omar is an active member of AWLI dedicated to support persons with disabilities to achieve full participation in all aspects of life and social development.  She is an active civil society leader and founder of the All Together Asssociation to Support women with Disabilities.  In 2013, Omar successfully lobbied the Libyan government to build a fully accessible city street, serving as a model for the country.  Omar holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and telecommunications and is currently an engineer at the General Electric Company “GECOL”.

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