AWLI Member Achievement: Jamila Khrichef’s Campaigns to Preserve Tangier Park

Khrichef receives an AWLI Leadership Award for her advocacy work in Morocco.

Khrichef receives an AWLI Leadership Award for her advocacy work in Morocco.

Tangier, Morocco – Jamila Khrichef, an active participant in the Arab Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI), spearheaded a successful campaign to preserve the only remaining forested park in the city of Tangier.

When a group of real estate brokers unveiled plans to develop the park for commercial and residential use, Khrichef launched an advocacy campaign to preserve it.  She authored an online op-ed article on the environmental consequences of losing the park and circulated it through a number of social networks.

In response to the overwhelming public support her piece garnered, Khrichef decided to partner with a number of local civil society organizations and organize an awareness day in the park to increase the issue’s profile.  The event proved a resounding success and attracted the attention of local elected officials.  Ultimately, the Mayor of Tangier intervened to stop the plans for development and the park has remained open, untouched and undeveloped.

“AWLI has helped to empower me as a women leader in my community through the development and strengthening of my communication and outreach skills.”  A two-year veteran of AWLI programming, Khrichef has attended numerous trainings on women’s leadership in civil society, women in constitutions, political parties and election law.  Khrichef now serves as a Councilor in the city of Tangier, Morocco and continues to be an active AWLI partner.  In 2011, Khrichef received an AWLI Leadership Award which recognizes members who have demonstrated active leadership in government office, civil society and among youth in their countries.

AWLI recognizes Khrichef for her leadership and as a role model for women in Morocco.

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