About Us

In 2008, the International Republican Institute established AWLI with support from the National Endowment for Democracy as a premier women’s political leadership program led by both Arab and international women leaders.  AWLI bases its foundation on the core belief that democracy in the Arab world cannot be achieved without the full participation of women in all fields including political, economic, social and cultural life.  AWLI advances its mission through a unique, cross-regional approach that provides intensive training workshops in leadership, advocacy, management and governance to women of diverse backgrounds and experience levels.

Advisory Council

Led by an executive board of prominent Arab and American women leaders, AWLI recruits and trains countless numbers of emerging women leaders throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Mission Statement

The AWLI board, program partners and staff work every day towards achieving AWLI’s mission, believing that their efforts will result in positive change, supporting each other along the way.